Enabling people-focused campaigns through advances in artificial intelligence.

    Based in London, Avantgarde Analytics is a young and dynamic data science company with deep expertise in algorithmic campaigning and artificial intelligence. Our unique approach was pioneered in the PhD research of our co-founders during their doctoral studies at Oxford University - combining new insights in human-computer interaction, behavioural science, machine learning and the social science of the Internet.


    We realised that the social media space is becoming increasingly crowded, saturated and competitive. In the age of clickbait and fake news, many organisations struggle to build meaningful relationships with people. This is why we develop intelligent applications and algorithms to make digital campaigns smarter: we amplify your core messages and help you build more engaged relationships with the right people at the right time.


    We support brands, political campaigns and social movements. By analysing a constant stream of data, our deep learning technology enables the mass-individualisation of campaigns - recognising that each individual may have different needs and tastes that require a different approach of persuasion. All of this work is driven by our teleological code of ethics - inspired by our bold vision for the role of artificial intelligence in society.


  • "Campaign technology startups like Avantgarde Analytics go one step further by using AI for better voter engagement. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, they advocate the ethical individualisation of election campaigns - recognising that each individual may have different needs and tastes that require a different approach. This involved the flagging of alt-right bot accounts and the automated checking of “alternative facts”. People-focused techniques like this can help to break up echo chambers and give individuals diverse information."
    - World Economic Forum Agenda (May 2017)
    #MacronLeaks changed political campaigning. Why Macron succeeded and Clinton failed


    Bringing together new ideas and technology to help you innovate and succeed.


    Network Science Expert | PhD Candidate in Computational Social Science | Educated at Harvard, Oxford and LSE | Previously Roland Berger, Entrepreneur First, Rocket Internet | WEF Expert Network & Global Shaper


    Co-founder & CTO

    Human-Computer Interaction and Cyber Security Expert | PhD Candidate in Computer Science at University of Oxford | Educated at Oxford, Birmingham and Heidelberg | Previously Google UX


    VP Political Strategy

    Political Communications Expert | Educated at Cambridge University, Sciences Po, Bocconi University | Fluent in 9 languages | Advised senior political leaders in Central and Eastern Europe


    VP Marketing Analytics

    Digital Marketing and Analytics Expert | Educated at London School of Economics | Previously Expedia, Bain & Company | Managed $10m+ marketing budgets for clients


    Data Scientist

    Machine Learning Expert | MEng Computer Engineering | Educated at University of Oxford | Winner of hackathons | Previously Oliver Wyman, Oxford Strategy Group | Jardine Foundation Scholar | WEF Global Shaper


    Data Scientist

    Machine Learning & Data Science Expert | PhD Candidate in Distributed Energy Systems & IoT | Previously UNEP | Educated at Harvard, MIT and University of Geneva | WEF Global Shaper


    AI Advisor

    AI & Machine Learning Expert | Civic Tech Entrepreneur | PhD in Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering | Co-founder of One Smart City | OEA Fellow in Open Government | WEF New Champion & Global Shaper


    Legal Advisor

    Legal Expert | PhD Candidate in Law | Educated at Oxford, KU Leuven and Prishtina | Graduated Lawyer Bachelor | IRO Scholar, OSI Scholar | Secretary General of the AAIL | Regular contributor to @Kosovo2.0


    VP Strategic Partnerships

    Legal Expert | Harvard Kennedy School Executive MPA | Associate Company Secretary & Compliance Officer at ArcelorMittal | WEF Founding Curator & Chairwoman of Global Shapers Luxembourg Hub


    VP Business Development

    Statistical & Stochastic Modelling Expert | Econometrician | Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Scholar | Big Data World Championships | WEF Global Shaper & Curator of Brisbane Hub


    Behavioural Science Advisor

    Neuroscience & Behavioural Psychology Expert | MA & BA degrees in Experimental Psychology | Educated at Oxford University and LMU Munich | Research on consciousness and decision-making 


    Behavioural Psychology & Personality Expert | PhD Candidate at Columbia Business School | Educated at Cambridge, Columbia & St Andrews | Regular contributor to Harvard Business Review